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About Us

As innovative makers of timepieces and unique gifts, Tenbrink & Co. has come to appreciate that the passage of time and the celebration of anniversaries is truly a universal tradition in our society.  No matter where you reside in the world, to recognize and remember significant life events is something we all enjoy celebrating.  We have seen over the generations this time honored tradition hold a special place in our hearts for wedding anniversaries, a new baby joining the family, your first home, birthdays, and tenure of a company, to name a few.  The attention to the amount of elapsed time and the pursuit of lasting relationships moves us as a community and individuals to celebrate this significant, measured time.

Our exclusive, patented Anniversary Clock allows for the easy viewing of exact, elapsed time from a celebrated life event. The unique design of our clock reminds us of the time until the next yearly anniversary, and the total elapsed time from a particular life event.  These special moments are as much a celebration of the original event as of the passage of time from that day you never want to forget.

The Tenbrink & Co. Anniversary Clock has been expertly crafted to showcase three individual clock faces; one with two functions – months and days. Our innovative timepiece intuitively displays the year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds from the date of celebration that you have selected. The lower clock face displays the hour, minute and seconds but also offers a dual function of a day-to-day clock. This convenient option increases the multi-purpose functionality of our one-of-a-kind keepsake.

As a very special feature, our craftsmen have designed the Anniversary Clock with the ability to play a memorable song of your choice with internal speakers, up to three times on the day of the anniversary or special moment to remember, at any desired time; you have the amazing opportunity to enhance your experience with music of your memories and this special feature allows for a true celebration of your lifetime or the life of someone you love.